The opportunity that Tableau Extensions offers

August 3, 2018 in All by Geoffrey Smolders

With the Tableau Extensions API, you can add new functionality to Tableau. You’re now able to integrate and interact with data from other applications directly in Tableau dashboards. As you have seen on our page, we’ve released a number of cool extensions to show of the capabilities of the platform. Our free Dynamic Data Range Filters or Image Filters make tasks easier in Tableau and get to faster results. Obviously, we’ll see much more of these handy features and custom new vizzes. But is that the true power of extensions?

We don’t believe so. We have just scratched the surface of what the Extensions API will be capable of. At Biztory we strongly believe in taking actionable insights from data. Imagine with the Extensions API you can take this all a step further:

  • Launch an immediate order process in your ERP system (ex: SAP) right from a Tableau dashboard
  • Plan or log calls in your CRM (ex: Salesforce) directly from your Sales Activity dashboard with contacts without recent call activity
  • Richer Budget & Planning integration from within a Tableau dashboard with BPC solutions like Anaplan or TM1

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